About Us


About Us
We approach all new construction and remodels with lots of wit, pointing out all the possibilities, foibles, and solutions! Nothing will go un-noticed. You'll want to talk to us first because we don't believe in "just making a sale." We want you to make an informed and intelligent decision. We'll give you loads of information... for free! We want to help you, and this is why most people want to go with us.

Remodels of existing swimming pools or other water features.
Many times we come to a client who wishes to remodel their existing swimming pool. Sometimes just for a simple refinishing, a new plaster finish or similar. But wait... have you considered the old or out-dated plumbing? How about refinishing your pool with a durable and beautiful "Pebble Tec" finish? Or how about adding a spa to your existing swimming pool? All this can be done, and why go thru the trouble of refinishing your pool without updating the old and deteriorating plumbing? Having the pool "mechanically fit" is primary to how it looks, and will help it to stay looking good and operating efficiently.

New Construction; swimming pools, spas, ponds, streams, waterfalls, & fountains.

We also offer hard-scape features; decking options, BB-Q islands, fire-pits, lighting, landscaping, outdoor showers, anything!

Energy Conservation
We offer the best in designing an "efficient" water feature, no matter what it is. How the "hydronics" (
yes, this is an actual word) are designed for a given water feature (suctions and returns, etc.) hugely effect how well your water feature filters/re-circulates, heats, and uses energy. We offer all the best in energy efficient plan design, heating, and circulating equipment. That means energy efficient heaters, pumps, and design.

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