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Construction of a Waterfall and a Fire-pit. Also a custom "portable" spa install -West Los Angeles
Like with everything else... stuff starts in the dirt...
Here, a trench is being dug to make way for the plumbing between the spa, the waterfall, and for the fire-pit gas line to the equipment area. The old waterfall, fiber-glass spa and decking were removed.
At the equipment area, large 3" PVC "suction" pipe plumbing is being laid for the jets of the spa... we don't want any loss of flow between the pump and the jets of the spa.
The humble beginnings of the waterfall. Our designer stands within the sump of the waterfall. The first footings of the tiered waterfall are installed.
The subsequent tiers are built upwards from the base footings. Simple block and rebar are used similar to a retaining wall... nice and strong. This waterfall isn't going anywhere! Real boulders can be stacked upon these supports, but we will go with faux "sculptured" rock made of cement.
As you can see, another tier is added from the sump of the waterfall.
You can see a pipe at lower left "niched" into the bottom tier, this pipe comes up behind the tallest tier which will deliver water to the top of the waterfall.
The rest of the plumbing is installed, complete with a full-size skimmer, an "equalizing" "main-drain" suction at the bottom of the sump, and an automatic water-filler. This waterfall will have all the advantages of a full-sized swimming pool; the bottom will stay cleaner and falling leaf and other debris will be skimmed from the surface before it sinks to the bottom, making this water feature very easy to maintain. Other features include; conduits for low voltage lighting within the tiers and sump, and "drain tubes" in each tier to prevent debris build-up and water stagnating within the tiers when the water is not flowing. Later planters will be added including  conduit for built-in lighting, and plumbing for irrigation and drainage for the planters.
Construction of the faux bolders and rock begin using rebar and metal mesh.
The sump, reinforced with rebar and metal mesh over and around the plumbing.
The waterfall is almost complete. At left, the waterfall before planters were added, the plastic covers to the skimmer and auto-fill replaced with faux stone covers, and color staining to give a more natural appearance.
Off site, the water fall is run by a 1.5 HP pump and has an easy to clean cartridge filter. Later, plants and lighting will be added.
With location and the size of the fire-pit established, the deck is framed around. The gas supply for the pit is brought up within the block wall of the fire-pit. The fire-pit is built with a regular cement footing and rebar enforced block. The fire-pit can be any shape, this one will be a three foot wide circle.
Our mason expert cuts each rectangular brick into a wedge forming a circular "cap" for the fire-pit.
The Fire pit gets a stone facing. It's not finished yet, the pit will need a gas ring and crushed glass to finish it off.
Our client wanted to change his old fiberglass hot tub with this multi-featured acrylic spa. Before we set this spa down into the deck recess, we had to perform some modifications to the spa . The original electric heater, pumps, and controls were removed from this "portable" spa, and the plumbing re-directed to accept the "off-site" plumbing.
Here you can see the waterfall and the fire-pit being built in the background.
The plumbing is connected.
Off-site, two booster pumps, one circulating pump, an air blower, a new multi-feature remote system with saline purification, and an efficient 400,000 BTU natural gas heater are installed. This spa will heat up in a matter of minutes versus hours.
New pictures to come