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The "Buddah Lounge"
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NEW SPA addition to existing pool
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New Pool & Hardscape
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Stone Decking
at entrance to the Santa Barbara Bowl
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Pool Remodel
This pool was re-finished with a custom Pebble blend, and at the water-line, a "pearly" glass tile with real gold tile accents.
New Pool / Spa combo & Hardscape
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The IntelliFlo VS-3050 multi-speed pump can be "tuned" exactly to fit any circulation needs allowing for up to a 90% power savings over what other regular pumps use in electrical power.

The MasterTemp heater looks "cubical" like other heaters, but the internal design is completely different from that of all other typical swimming pool/spa heaters. The design is a tried and proven construction that offers superior efficiency, performance, and over-all dependability.

Green Consciousness
Energy Efficiency...

Each of our new pools and remodels are outfitted with Pentair's best and energy efficient equipment... use less electricity and less gas.

L.E.D. Lights

Eco Select™ is a trademark of Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc.