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The "Buddah Lounge"
--- This section also shows off our custom furniture & wood work ---
Pool Remodel & New Custom Features: Spa, Streams, Stone Decking, Furniture, Woodwork, Iron Staircase, and more...

Shown is a twelve foot long free-form raised spa with a custom "Pebble" finish and custom quartzite stone at waterline, "stamped" concrete spa cap (coping), three sets of jet systems inside, automatic water-filler, Pentair Easy-Touch remote system, and special customizable light show "Color Kenetics" L.E.D. lighting. There is also lighting around the outside of the spa just under the cantilevered spa cap. "Stack-stone" veneers around the spa, the planters, and in the water feature at right are hand-cut from Pennsylvania Blue Stone as is also the flagstone decking. The water feature at right is forty feet long with gushing basalt pillars and "gushing" water feature at one end, has twenty Color Kentics L.E.D. controlled lights, and a special bio-recirculation system to support fish and pants.

Panning left a little we catch a glimpse at the "Live Wall," the out-door shower, and tips of the fire-pit and bench. The Live Wall consist of a custom structure which supports live plants (ferns, mosses, colorful bromeliads, and other tropical plants), complete with it's own recirculation drip-irrigation system and lighting. The shower consist of custom stone veneer, overhead "rain" shower head, hand-held shower head, and an "Insta-hot" water heater -no waiting!

A little more of a close-up of the Live Wall which incorporates a bit of the existing trees and landscaping so as to blend in.

Panning further left, we see the fire-pit and bench with a custom cushion
The fire-pit at night
ote the lighting just under the seat of the bench.
The spa at night ...
shows the lighting under the spa cap.

To the left of the fire-pit, the "gushers" in  this little cove at the end of the biological stream water feature.

The backyard area...
Just visible under the lowest red lantern, you can see the spa before the live wall was implemented in the background. We remodeled this existing pool before we built the new spa from scratch and installed a 100% matching flag stone deck to match that of the original decking around the pool. Below, you can see some of our custom furniture.

Angle from below.

Angle showing the entrance from the street

We are proud to present our Custom Furniture & Cushions.
We designed and built this custom piece using the finest durable outdoor materials available.

We designed and built this custom piece using the finest durable outdoor materials available.

Custom Bar Stools with Cushions.

Bar Stool close-up.
More custom built furniture and cushions

Imported and Antique furniture...
--- Refurbished Furniture & Custom Cushions ---
This piece was expertly refinished and custom cushions were designed and made to order.

This awesome Balinese Daybed was parched, dried out, and missing some pieces, but we brought it back to better than original and added our custom trademark high quality cushions all hand-made.

Refurbished piece with custom hand-made cushions.

Refurbished Table, Bench and Chairs with our custom hand-made cushions.
Custom chair cushions

This solid Wrought Iron Staircase replaced a rickety tin staircase.
Staircase to deck on garage
This staircase was expertly custom installed to fit. Installed onto the steps of he stairs are custom wooden steps to match the upper wooden deck.

Custom Interior Woodwork
The Guest Room

Using a sample from the bed's head-board (small picture) we made custom sliding closet doors to match the design of the bed and night stand.

The Guest Room
Custom built-in desk hutch to match