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New Pool with built-in Spa, Hardscape & Landscape -(La Toscana) -Rancho Mirage, CA
Tahoe Blue Pebble-Tec with lots of shining pyrite, Raised Spa, ten Deck Jets, stack-stone pillars -coach light sconces, natural stone deck (quartzite), real boulder landscape accents.


Raised bond-beam, stacks-stone pillars, and Light Sconces

Deck Jets all around the pool.

Deck Jets

Back wall raised bond-beam.

Sconce Lights on each pillar..

Hard-scape and real boulders and rocks.

The Raised Spa.

The Spill-way of the Raised Spa.

Louvered step lights to the spa.

"Jet Powered"

Arm Rests in the spa.

Stone accents on steps.

Low profile deck jet.

Low Profile Stone Deck Lid.

 Real Boulder Accents.

 Free-Form custom laid hardscape.

More Free-Form Hardscape.

Dry Riverbed feature from the street to the house.

Equipment Layout -Nice & Neat.
Manifold for adjusting the deck jets (left). Easy to repair pumps and other pieces of equipment and to keep equipment area clean.