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The Santa Barbara Bowl Entrance -July 24, 2009
Laying flagstone at the entry way to the Santa Barbara Bowl.

Finished!... and cleaning up.
Looking from the inside out thru the entrance, you can see the multi-color flagstone we laid. -July 24, 2009

At the entrance, outside the gate, the project is finished. -July 24,2009

On the other side of the gate entrance (inside). -July 24,2009
A close-up of the inside. -July 24,2009
Before we begin, grading must be done on both sides of this gate way. -July 18, 2009
We had to finalize this project before comedian Lopez's opening. -July 18, 2009

We started with very large slabs of flagstone which had to be custom-cut and fitted. -July 21, 2009

The flagstone came in a variety of shades. -July 20, 2009

Just inside the gateway and in front. -July 23, 2009

The final touches are applied, the grouting between the stone slabs. -July 23, 2009